I'd like to control the music I am listening to, how can I do that?

If you'd like to listen to your music inworld rather than using a real world music streaming service such as Pandora or Itunes you can do so by using the Bella Pointe Radio HUD. 

The Bella Pointe Radio HUD is provided for free to all of our residents and their guests in the Resident Pack. If you have not yet grabbed the pack its very simple to get and filled with lots of exclusive goodies! To get your own resident pack you need only to touch the "Resident Pack" button on your control panel and one will be sent to you within seconds. The Radio HUD we have included inside the pack will allow you to control the music you listen to by providing you with not only 60 preset stations covering all genres but the ability to add custom ICE cast streams as well.

After you have equiped and began using your Radio HUD be sure to check out the rest of the special goodies in the resident pack we have included as well! Inside the pack you will also find a basic TV, Jet Skis, Swim HUDs, Landscaping kits and more!