I have a TV that says I need to deed it to the land but it won't let me, what should I do?

Second Life has come a long way over the last few years but not all Scriptors have kept their products up to date to keep up with the latest changes and innovations.  Unfortunately if the TV you own requires you to deed it to the land for it to work then the Creator has failed to upgrade their code work so that it utilizes the latest prim media technology.

To help our residents that have purchased older, unupdated devices we have provided a free prim media TV with basic YouTube functionality. For a more robust device we recommend Deimos but there are many other brands available on the Market Place as well. Just be sure you are purchasing a Prim Media enabled device. 

If you would like to give the Bella Pointe TV a try it is available for free to all of our residents and their guests in the Resident Pack. If you have not yet grabbed the pack its very simple to get and filled with lots of exclusive goodies! To get your own resident pack you need only to touch the "Resident Pack" button on your control panel and one will be sent to you within seconds. 

After you have found the TV in the pack be sure to check out the rest of the special goodies we have included as well! Inside the pack you will also find a basic Radio HUD, Jet Skis, Swim HUDs, Landscaping kits and more!