How can I add others to the Bella Pointe group?

Please only add people you trust and are comfortable sharing your rental with. 
Adding others to the group will also add them to your rental as an additional tenant.
Additional tenants are granted certain rights and allowed to make limited changes to your rental.
Please also keep in mind that you are responsible for the behavior and actions of your additional tenants. 

Complete the following steps to add others to the Bella Pointe Group.

  1. To add others to the group you must first locate your rental unit. 
    (Your rental unit is the numbered sign on your control panel.)

  2.  Next touch the rental unit and select " Add Tenant" from the menu.

  3. A pop up will then appear, enter the persons full user name into the box.  Be sure to input their user name NOT their display name. After submitting their name they will automatically be invited to the group. 

  4. If they do not receive the group invitation have them touch the rental unit and selecr "GRP Invite" from the menu. This will resend the invitation. If they do not get a menu with the "GRP Invite" option then there was a typo or the display name was input instead of the user name and so they were not added correctly.