How can I check my prim count?

  1. To check your prim count first locate your rental unit.
    (Your rental unit is the numbered sign on your control panel.)

  2. Next touch the rental unit and select "Update Prims" from the menu

  3. After selecing "Update Prims" you will receive a full readout in chat of all of the prims you and your additional tenants have in use. 

Please note that the "Update Prims" option on your rental is the ONLY way to accurately check your prim count. The prim count provided to you by the rental unit is 100% accurate and taken directly from land.

Attempting to manually count prims or using area search are in no way accurate methods of checking your prim usage and will not provide the correct counts as they will allow you to miss prims not easily seen such as transparencies or not immediately rendered due to draw distance.