My prim count is higher than expected, what should I do?

If your prim count is higher than anticipated you have most likely dropped an attachment, have a prim heavy transparent item down or have possibly lost an item at ground level. 

Please try the following steps to locate your missing items. 

  1. First check your prim count to find out who on your rental has more prims down than they should down.  If you do not know how to check your prim count please go HERE.

  2. Once you have identified who has the extra prims down on the rental turn on transparencies by pressing "CTRL+ALT+T". This will allow you to see items that are normally invisible. Walk around your rental and see if you spot anything that should not be there.

  3. If you do not spot any obvious transparent items that shouldn't be there then next you will be using the "Area Search" function.  Area Search is located under the "World" option on your viewer. Using this you can input the name of the object owner and it will create a list of objects owned by that person that your viewer is currently rendering. Walk around your rental and see if you spot anything out of place or expected on the list.  Please note that area search is not 100% accurate and will only list items immediately visible on your viewer. This means items far away such as those at ground level or items that are very small will not show up on the list. 

If you are still unable to figure out why your prim count is higher than expected you can click here to submit a ticket and request to have ALL prims owned by the person with the overage sent back. 

Please be aware that while most tickets are completed within 24 hours some may take up to 72 during higher than normal support volume.