My prim count keeps changing at random, what's happening?

If your prim count is randomly changing then you most likely have temporary prim items placed on your rental. Besides causing random and unexplained changes in your prim count temporary prims are exceedingly laggy. For this reason we have banned their use from our rentals.

Temporary prims come in many forms but here are a list of the most common offenders.

  1. Plant Pets
  2. TWL Trees
  3. Damani Weather System
  4. Tables that rez food items
  5. Anything that says its prims will not count against your limits. 

If you are still unable to determine what on your property is using temporary prims please click here to submit a support ticket and we will be with you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that while most tickets are completed within 24 hours, some may take up to 72 during time of higher than normal support volume.