I am having problems rezzing items on my rental, what should I do?

Please follow the steps below if you are having issues rezzing prims on your rental.

  1. First  be sure you are wearing your Bella Pointe group tag. Without the group tag you will not be able to use the rental properly. 

  2. If you are wearing your tag but still not able to rez then you will need to clear cache and relog. Occassionally Second Life will have a permissions glitch when it comes to rezzing on group land. However a quick clear cache and relog will fix it. 

  3. Finally if you are able to rez but the items are disappearing with a message that the land owner does not allow it, be sure you are not trying to rez on top of a mesh or sculpt prim. There is a bug in SL that can cause issues rezzing on those prim types and gives a default error message.  

If you are still unable to rez items after these steps, please click here to submit a support ticket.