I would like to switch from my old rental location to another, is that possible?

If you would like to switch locations we are happy to help by transferring your prepaid time from your old Bella Pointe location to your new one. This will allow you the freedom to move at any time to a rental that better suits your currents needs without worrying about losing the money you have paid in advance. 

Please follow the directions below if you would like to transfer your prepaid time from your old home to your new one.

  1. Head to the Bella Pointe rental center, find the Sky Dome that best suits your current needs and rent it. 

  2. Next clear your old home of any objects that you do not want autoreturned. Do not worry about removing copiable items like those that came in a rezzer, our system will automatically return anything left behind to your lost and found folder. However as Linden Inventory servers are not always reliable on autoreturns we highly recommend you remove any no copy items like gachas, pets or sentimental objects from the rental yourself.

  3. Once the old rental is cleared of any items you do not want autoreturned you can then place a Transfer Request ticket. Your prepaid time will then be transferred from the old location to the new.  We will transfer your rental based on the time your ticket was submitted so you will not lose time during the waiting period.

If you are ready to complete your transfer request please click here to submit a support ticket and we will be with you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that while most tickets are completed within 24 hours some may take up to 72 during times of higher than normal support volume.