Residential Policies


  •  Bella Pointe Rentals are for private use ONLY.
  • Absolutely no commercial activity or public venues allowed including but not limited to:
  1.  Clubs
  2. Stores
  3. Galleries
  4. Hotels
  5. Weddings
  6. Public Role Plays
  •  Bella Pointe has a zero tolerance policy for aggressive or threatening behavior towards our residents, employees, and company.
  • No refunds on prepaid time will be offered. However a credit can be held on file to be used at a later date OR they may transfer the time to another resident. 

Additional Tenants

  • Residents are able to add up to 10 additional tenants. 
  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their friends and guests. 
  • Additional Tenants may be removed by the Main Tenant at any time.
  • In order to protect our Residents some changes, requests and powers are reserved for the Main Tenants only.
  • Additional Tenants may not request time transfers. Only the Main Tenant may do this.
  • Additional Tenants may not request security changes. Only the Main Tenant may do this.

You are allowed a maximum of the following active avatars based on rental size :

  •  Large Domes no more than 20 avatars at any given time.
  •  Medium Domes no more than 10 avatars at any given time.
  • Small Domes no more than 05 avatars at any given time.

Structures and Prims

    • Extra prims may be requested at any time and are available on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Extra prims are L$50 per week for every 50 added
  •  Extra prims can be removed at any time at the tenants request. However each dome has a minimum prim count that cannot reduced.
  1.  Large Dome: 1500 Prims
  2.  Medium Dome: 1000 Prims
  3. Small Dome: 500 Prims
  4. Petite Dome: 250 Prims
  • Prim checks are conducted several times per week. Any rentals found over their prim limits will have their count raised to cover what is actually in use. 
  • All prims must remain INSIDE of the Resident’s dome.
  • Any style or theme of building is permitted as long as it is residential in nature and remains INSIDE of the Resident’s dome.
  • Any size structure is permitted as long as it remains INSIDE of the Resident’s dome. Each dome has a maximum recommended size. This is only a guide to help those shopping for new homes it can be exceeded however you may overlap the rocks or water.
    1. Large – Full Region Total Space – Max Home Size Recommendation – 74m x 64m (4,736 sqm)
    1. Medium – Half Region Total Space – Max Home Size Recommendation – 61m x 43m (2,263 sqm)
    1. Small – Quarter Region Total Space – Max Home Size Recommendation – 53m x 40m (2,120 sqm)
  1. Petite – Sixth Region Total Space – Max Home Size Recommendation – 40m x 30m (1,200 sqm)
  • No items that use Temporary Prims are permitted. This includes but is not limited to the Damani Weather System, TWL Trees and Plant Pets.

Media Control

  •  Only Prim Media devices will work on our rentals. Objects using outdating code work that requiring deeding will not work. 
  • A Free Radio featuring 60 stations and the ability to add custom channels is provided free of charge in our Resident Pack. 
  • A Free basic TV is provided in our Resident pack. For a more robust option we recommend Deimos. They and many others can be found on the Marketplace. 

Security and Privacy

    • A security orb that has been specifically calibrated to each rental is provided by us free of charge. 
  • Rentals have no visible neighbors from inside of the dome and they are spaced over half a region apart to help ensure privacy  
  • “Region Privacy” is kept on making it impossible for neighboring regions to see avatars. 
  • Ours residents value their privacy. As such we strictly prohibit any invasions of privacy including but not limited to:
  1. Using chat spies or any chat relay devices.
  2. Exploiting high camera distances to spy on neighbors.
  3. Entering neighboring rentals without permission.

We take our tenants privacy very seriously.  Anyone found violating our privacy policies will be banned from our regions immediately. If the offending party is one of our residents harassing another their rental will be terminated without refund.

Breedable Pets

  • Residents are allowed to keep breedables within the following limits.

With animations and sounds turned OFF

  1. Large Domes: 50
  2. Medium Domes: 30
  3. Small Domes: 20
  4. Petite Domes: 10

With animations and sounds turned ON

  1. Large Domes: 25
  2. Medium Domes: 15
  3. Small Domes: 10
  4. Petite Domes: 5
  • Plant Pets are NOT allowed due to the extreme lag they can cause.

Discounts and Referrals

  • Residents receive 2 bonus days automatically when making a single 4 week lump sum payment. 
  • Residents looking to pay 13 (3 months), 26 (6 months) or 52 weeks (1 year) in single payment may contact staff via the support system to receive a special bonus. 
  1. 52 week payments will receive 8 bonus weeks for free. 
  2. 26 week payments will receive 4 bonus weeks for free.
  3. 13 week payments will receive 2 bonus weeks for free.
  • Residents who referred their friends will receive a tier bonus equal to their friends first week. To take advantage of this BOTH the referring tenant AND the new tenant must submit a ticket.

Resident Support

  • Due to the volume of support request we require a support ticket to be filed. We are unable to help via notecard or direct messages. 
  • Most tickets will be completed within 48 hours however ticket volume can cause an extended wait time of up to 72 hours during busy periods. 
  • Tickets submitted during the Holidays will have an extended wait time.


Failure to adhere to our policies may result in an immediate eviction and permanent banning from all Bella Pointe properties without refund.