Parcel FAQs

Navigating the world of virtual Real Estate can be confusing and at times even overwhelming. We understand this and so to better serve our Clients we have created this FAQs page. Here we provide the answers to our most frequently asked questions about our company and properties. If after reading our FAQs you still have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff! A member of our Management team will be happy to assist you!

Q: Will I need to purchase my property?
A: Yes. The purchase price on all of our available properties is equal to one weeks tier. With your purchase you receive ownership of the land and a week of tier to be added within 24 hours.

Q: Will I still need to pay rent after purchasing my new property?
A: Yes. Anywhere you live in Second Life will have a weekly or monthly rent or “tier” due on the property. These tiers are what keep Second Life running and are similar to an HOA fees and taxes. The Real Estate company collects the fees then pays the majority in “taxes” to Linden Labs. The remainder is used to maintain the community, take care of the staff and the expanding of new amenities and features.

Q: Will I be able to terraform my property?
A: Yes. Our Residents are able to terraform within +/-3m from the original ground and water levels. However please keep in mind that any land changes that would create an eyesore or effect your neighbors in a negative manner would not be allowed.

Q: Can I rent multiple parcels? Can I join multiple parcels?

A: Yes absolutely! Feel free to rent multiple parcels to increase your prim allowance, and if they are next to each other we can absolutely join them for you anytime.

Q: Can I control the radio and other media?
A: Yes. Our Residents have full control over both parcel and prim media on their properties.

Q: Can I keep the landscaping that is already here?
A: Yes. If you’d like to keep the beautiful, professionally landscaped grounds your property comes with you absolutely can. However if you wish to change things up please feel free!

Q: Do I need a Premium Account to have property with Bella Pointe?
A: No. You do not need to pay for a premium account to own property with us.