Commercial Covenant

Welcome to Bella Pointe Commercial! In order to help ensure that our Shop Owners have the best experience possible we have created an easy to follow Covenant! This set of rules and guidelines keeps our Shop Owners and customer alike happy, the shopping districts pristine and the regions running smoothly! As our Covenant is strictly enforced please take a moment to read through it carefully before deciding to join our community. If you have any questions please contact Management using the Support Portal found on our website.

◆ Support:

By renting a shop you agree to follow our Covenant and abide by its rules and guidelines. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding with your rental.

◆ Commercial use for stores only.
+ NO Clubs
+ NO Galleries
+ NO Hotels
+ NO Weddings
+ NO Public Role Plays


◆ Rent is nonrefundable.
+ Unused rent can be held in credit upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a new rental upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a another resident upon request.

◆ Shop Owners are given a 3 day grace period on late rental payments.


◆ We maintain a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive behavior towards our Business, Staff or Tenants. Threatening or abusive behavior will result in an immediate eviction without refund.


◆ Shop Owners are allowed up to 10 additional tenants. These can be Co-Owners, Managers or Alts.

◆ Shop Owners are responsible for their additional tenants behavior.

◆ Additional tenants have limited control. Some powers are reserved for the Main tenant only.


◆ Shops MUST remain active and well stocked. Neglected or empty shops will be considered abandoned and reclaimed.

◆ Shops MUST be organized, easy to browse and visually appealing.

◆ Exterior decor should remain LIMITED AND WITHIN REASON and may not block the walk way or extend in front of other shops. Any exterior decor found to be inappropriate or obtrusive will be returned by management without warning.


◆ Extra prims are available upon request.
+ Subject to availability.
+ Additional prims can later be removed upon request.
+ Price of Extra prims is L$50 per week for every 50 added.
Extra prims are L$50 per week for every 50 added
+ No single rental may have more than 5000 total prims.


◆ Store Parcels MUST remain in the .::Bella Pointe::. Management Group.

◆ Store Owners MUST submit their desired parcel name, details and landing location to Management for any changes to occur as these can only be done by Management.


If you require assistance please use the support portal on our website. Our staff will be happy to help you solve any issues that may arise.

◆ Support:


◆ No weather systems allowed.

◆ No temp prim scripted items allowed.

◆ Objects causing excessive lag will be returned without prior notice to the owner.

◆ Rollbacks cannot be performed upon resident request and are not offered under any circumstance.


◆ Violation of the Covenant can result in an immediate eviction without refund.

◆ Management is not responsible for items lost due to automatic eviction returns, item returns by staff or items lost due to grid issues.