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    Parcels with Bella Pointe

    Land has come to Bella Pointe and now you can finally enjoy the beauty and customer support you have come to expect with us while gaining the perks of land ownership! Much like our beautiful Bella Pointe skydomes our new parcels have been bought to life with custom designed landscaping by Bella Botanicals. However on these new parcels you are free to remove the landscaping entirely, including the rocks, and replace it with your own. These new parcels also feature About Land access which allows for deeding, setting custom groups and more!

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    Introducing the NEW Bella Pointe Radio HUD! Now With Shoutcast Compatibility!

    A few months ago we sent out a survey to our Residents asking what sort of new amenities or upgrades they would most enjoy or find most useful. The clear winner was a Radio HUD upgrade and so we are delivering!

    Ex0dus has been hard at work and has completely rebuilt the Radio HUD from the ground up to increase both ease of use and compatibility!

    • The Radio now supports Shoutcast Radio Stations! Previous updates only worked for Icecast but now you are no longer limited! Enjoy your music your way!
    • The Radio now uses a completely overhauled HTML5 system instead of Flash allowing for an easier hassle free experience!

    You can grab your new Radio HUD right from your home using your dome’s control panel! It is available on both new and legacy rentals. We hope you enjoy the new radio and if you have any issues feel free to contact us via the Support System on your control panel!


    Thank you and have a great day!

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    Our New Support System is being deployed now!

    We are happy to announce that the new Bella Pointe Support System has been  finished and we have begun deploying it to our rentals. The new system features a detailed and comprehensive information and FAQs database to help make enjoying and understanding your home easier. Plus! It will help cut down our current wait times from 72 hours back to the normal 24. To check out the new system now just click the link below!

    Bella Pointe Support System

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    Free Prim Upgrades for 2017!

    –Please read the ENTIRE post. There will be NO additional charges. These are FREE prim upgrades!–

    Last November Linden Labs announced an increase in region prim capacity. These changes allowed us to immediately increase all of our residents prims at no additional cost. And we are doing it again! After implementing the first round of changes we found that with a little work on our end we could further increase the prims for our residents absolutely for free!

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    – Please read the ENTIRE post. The exact prim increases per rental are listed at the bottom. There is NO additional charge for the prim upgrades. EVERY rental will receive more prims for FREE!-

    Linden Labs announced this morning that they will be increasing region prim capacity! This increase will allow us to provide more prims to our residents at no additional cost! The increase will also allow us to decrease the cost of extra prims!