Start The New Year Off Right! Win a FREE YEAR with Bella Pointe worth nearly L$78,000!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bella Pointe! Its been a long year and now that its coming to a close we wanted to find a special way to help you Start The New Year Off Right! And we’re doing it with a FREE YEAR of tier! To enter all you have to do is stop by our special Holiday Display and purchase a Gift Bag! Inside of the gift bag you will find lots of Christmas goodies AND be entered into a very special raffle! The winner of the raffle will receive 1 year free from Bella Pointe on the rental of their choice with up to 1000 prims! Each Gift Bag you purchase earns 1 entry into the raffle! The Gift Bags are transferable so if you’d like to enter the raffle multiple times you can grab gift baskets for all of your family and friends! Good luck from all of us here at Bella Pointe and Happy holidays!

  • The cost of each bag is L$100.
  • With your purchase you will be automatically entered into the “Start The New Year Off Right” raffle!
  • All items on display in the pavilion scene are included. Items are no copy/ yes transfer so they can be shared!
  • Each purchase is 1 entry so be sure to buy copies for your friends and family
  • The Winner will receive 52 week of tier worth L$77,948 good on any rental at Bella Pointe with up to 1000 prims.
  • Raffle ends 12/24/15. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day!

Click HERE to TP to the event and grab your Gift Bag for your chance to win!

Rental Theme Conversions

If you’d like to switch your rental’s theme without all of the hassle of packing up and relocating then we have an alternative now available! Residents may now request Rental Theme Conversions at any time and have their current dome converted to any of our other themes for a small fee. There is no limit to how often you can switch themes so if you’d like to have a Winter Bliss dome for Christmas and then switch to the Sakura Island theme for Spring, The Cove theme for summer and The Mountain Retreat for Fall then now you can! The fee schedule and details are below!


Rental Theme Conversions are available year round and Residents may request a theme switch at any time. Most theme changes are completed within 3 business days. If we have a higher than normal request volume it can take up to 7 days.

  • Large Rental Theme Conversion Fee: L$3000
  • Medium Rental Theme Conversion Fee: L$1600
  • Small Rental Theme Conversion Fee: L$800


Bella Gacha Resale Park

Due to the number of inquiries we have been receiving from residents requesting a preview of the new Gacha Resale Park we have gone ahead and turned on public access. We are still not officially opened however everyone is welcomed to come look at the park, explore and grab a store to set up if they wish (please be sure to read our gacha policies carefully before renting). If you have any questions please let us know!

Click -HERE- to TP to the Bella Gacha Resale Park!

The New Bella Gacha Resale Park!

Bella Pointe is proud to announce the latest addition to our rental line up – the Bella Gacha Resale Park! The official grand opening date is Monday August 25th 2014.

Prior to opening to the general public, we will allow current Bella Pointe residents first choice of  available spaces! Those interested in a rental must contact Meeka Sihtu directly between now and Sunday August 24th!

Please note: Before our official grand opening, anyone who wants to the enter the Gacha region MUST secure their rental and be added to the access list (as the sim is closed while we finish the build)!

Only those with guaranteed reservations will be allowed into the Bella Gacha Resale Park prior to August 25th!

How to make a guaranteed reservation:

  1. Read over our Gacha Resale Park Policies carefully!
    -  Our policies differ from other Gacha Resale parks! Please read the rules!
    -  Our Gacha Policies also differ from our residential and commercial policies!
    - Stores, Kiosks and Tables all have different rules! Please be sure to look over the information for what your rental type/size allows!
  2. Select your preferred rental size.
    - Large Store – 250 prims: L$625 per week
    - Medium Store – 100 prims: L$250 per week
    - Small Store – 50 Prims: L$125 per week
    - Kiosk – 40 prims: L$100 per week
    - Tables – 30 prims: L$75 per week
  3. IM Meeka Sihtu with your size selection
    - Please be sure to send an IM (NOT a notecard). If Meeka is offline when you contact her please send in a support ticket with a copy of the IM.
  4. Pay first weeks tier to be added to the list and gain access to the region.
    - Do not make any payments until we have confirmed your size is available!
    - Once tier has been collected you will be added to the region access list and may then select an available spot.

Please note that we will NOT be charging the vendors for any time used during this early setup phase. All vendors will start off on Monday August 25th with a full week of tier.
If you are interested in getting first choice, please make sure to contact Meeka Sihtu as soon as possible as we predict the rentals will go quickly!

Bella Pointe Commercial

Bella Pointe is now offering Commercial Rentals in a limited run. We are giving current Residential residents first choice on the limited commercial spaces that will be available before we begin offering them to the public. Please check out the information and if you are interested please submit a ticket requesting the theme, size and prim count you would like.

→ Commercial rentals will -NOT- be offered on residential regions. Commercial activity is still not allowed on our regular rentals.

→ Commercial rentals will be available to store owners only. We will not be offering space for clubs, venues or public role plays at this time. Please see our Commercial Policies for further details.

→ Commercial rentals are offered on a monthly basis only.

→ Commercial rentals are not available as a residential/commercial mix. Homes both private and public are not permitted.

→ Tier is non transferable between Commercial and Residential rentals

→ Our Commercial Policies differ from our Residential Policies. Please read them over carefully before submitting a ticket requesting a commercial rental.

Thank you!

Bella Pointe Managment

Project Sunshine/SSA Updates.

Over the course of today and tomorrow Linden Labs will be enabling Project Sunshine/SSA on all regions in Second Life.

If you are not using an updated viewer, you will not be able to see avatars after the restarts and they will be grey and broken. People will also be unable to see your avatar and you will be grey to them.

If you have not moved to an updated viewer, you must do it now to continue using Second Life.

More details HERE.

Have a wonderful day!
Bella Pointe Management