Customizable Domes Now Available!



You must have your upgrade transfer ticket in no later than 1pm on June 6th. After that you will need to wait until they have become available to the public and find one in the rental center.


We are so excited to announce our new upgraded Domes! These new domes offer what has never been possible before; the ability to completely customize your world!

  • Customize and change your land and rocks to ANY texture! We have included several different preset texture options giving you 45 different possible combinations or use your own textures for a truly unique environment!
  • Remove the existing trees and replace them with your own! With our new models you no longer have to keep the plants we have included. With just the touch of a button you can quickly remove the trees we have placed and add your own!
  • Select between five different water colors!

The possibilities are now endless!   Along with the new customization options we have completely upgraded the domes from the layout to the security system!

  • New layouts that offer MORE usable space than ever before!
  • New Security systems that are easier to use and far more reliable!
  • New textures and material enable water that now reflects the light!

We have also added new size options!

  • Large – Full Region – 1500 Prims for L$1500 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 74m x 64m
  • Medium - 1/2  Region – 1000 Prims for L$1000 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 61m x 43m
  • Small - 1/4 Region – 500 Prims for L$500 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 53m x 40m
  • Petite - 1/6 Region – 250 Prims for L$250 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 40m x 30m

Extra Prims are available on all new models for L$50 per week for every 50 prims added!


Ready to check out the new domes? Click HERE to stop by our rental center, take the path to the right and follow the signs for the bar where you will find teleports to our new models! For the next few days these new upgraded models will NOT be available to the public; they will ONLY be made available to our current residents to help ensure availability for those who already live with us. If you would like to upgrade after looking at the new models please follow the instructions below…

  • Return to your current rental and remove any No Copy objects or items you would not like auto-returned.
  • Put in a ticket to support. Let us know what theme, what size and how many prims you would like.
  • Be patient! Your new dome will be available within 48 hours. And don’t worry about your prepaid time! We will transfer all prepaid time from the old rental to the new!

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