Customizable Domes Now Available!

 We are so excited to announce our new upgraded Domes! These new domes offer what has never been possible before; the ability to completely customize your world!

  • Customize and change your land and rocks to ANY texture! We have included several different preset texture options giving you 45 different possible combinations or use your own textures for a truly unique environment!
  • Remove the existing trees and replace them with your own! With our new models you no longer have to keep the plants we have included. With just the touch of a button you can quickly remove the trees we have placed and add your own!
  • Select between five different water colors!

The possibilities are now endless!   Along with the new customization options we have completely upgraded the domes from the layout to the security system!

  • New layouts that offer MORE usable space than ever before!
  • New Security systems that are easier to use and far more reliable!
  • New textures and material enable water that now reflects the light!

We have also added new size options!

  • Large – Full Region – 1500 Prims for L$1500 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 74m x 64m
  • Medium – 1/2  Region – 1000 Prims for L$1000 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 61m x 43m
  • Small – 1/4 Region – 500 Prims for L$500 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 53m x 40m
  • Petite – 1/6 Region – 250 Prims for L$250 per week
    Max Home Size Recommendation – 40m x 30m

Extra Prims are available on all new models for L$50 per week for every 50 prims added!

Click Head to Bella Pointe to get yours now!

large-tahitian-sands-triple-imagelarge-mountain-glen-triple-adlarge-sakura-springs-triple-ad large-dark-forest-triple-ad large-desert-oasis-triple-ad   large-winter-wonderland-triple-ad