– Please read the ENTIRE post. The exact prim increases per rental are listed at the bottom. There is NO additional charge for the prim upgrades. EVERY rental will receive more prims for FREE!-

Linden Labs announced this morning that they will be increasing region prim capacity! This increase will allow us to provide more prims to our residents at no additional cost! The increase will also allow us to decrease the cost of extra prims!

The prim increases have not yet taken effect on every region and we do not expect Linden Labs to have the increase out on every region until after the next update which is scheduled for November 8th. We will begin rolling out the prim increases on those regions that have already had the boost later today.

Please be patient as we have thousands of rentals across the grid and each unit must be individually changed to ensure we are giving you the correct pricing and prim counts. We expect to have all rentals updated with the new prim counts by November 14th barring any delays in the Linden updates.

If you would like to take advantage of the lower extra prim prices please use your control panel and submit a support ticket letting us know how many you would like to add.

If you already have extra prims on your rental, we will be matching your current rental cost as closely as possible and you will be receiving a much larger increase on your total prim allowance.

PLEASE DO NOT start using the new prims until Meeka Sihtu or Ex0dus Montagne have contacted you personally and notified you that the prims have been added. Linden Labs has NOT yet put the extra prims on all regions.

  • OLD Prims for Large Rentals
    1000 Prims for L$1499
  • NEW Prims Large Rentals
    1300 prims for L$1499
    Thats 300 MORE prims absolutely FREE! Your costs stay the same and your prims go up!

  • OLD Prims Medium Rentals
    500 Prims for L$799
  • NEW Prims Medium Rentals
    650 Prims for L$799
    Thats 150 MORE prims absolutely FREE! Your costs stay the same and your prims go up!

  • OLD Prims Small Rentals
    250 Prims for L$399
  • NEW Prims Small Rentals
    325 Prims for L$399
    Thats 75 MORE prims absolutely FREE! Your costs stay the same and your prims go up!

  • OLD Extra Prim Prices
    L$85 per week for 50 extra prims
  • NEW Extra Prim Prices
    L$40 per week for 50 extra prims

  • OLD Max Prims per Rental
    3750 prims
  • NEW Max Prims per Rental
    5000 prims

Extra Prim Example:

If you currently have a Large Rental with 500 extra prims…

L$1499 with 1000 prims
+ 500 extra prims for L$850
= 1500 total prims for L$2349

That same large rental once the changes take effect….

L$1499 with 1300 prims
+ 1,050 extra prims for L$840
= 2350 total prims for L$2339

Thats 850 MORE prims for less per week!