Introducing the NEW Bella Pointe Radio HUD! Now With Shoutcast Compatibility!

A few months ago we sent out a survey to our Residents asking what sort of new amenities orĀ upgrades they would most enjoy or find most useful. The clear winner was a Radio HUD upgrade and so we are delivering!

Ex0dus has been hard at work and has completely rebuilt the Radio HUD from the ground up to increase both ease of use and compatibility!

  • The Radio now supports Shoutcast Radio Stations! Previous updates only worked for Icecast but now you are no longer limited! Enjoy your music your way!
  • The Radio now uses a completely overhauled HTML5 system instead of Flash allowing for an easier hassle free experience!

You can grab your new Radio HUD right from your home using your dome’s control panel! It is available on both new and legacy rentals. We hope you enjoy the new radio and if you have any issues feel free to contact us via the Support System on your control panel!


Thank you and have a great day!